See Your Site Through Your Visitors' Eyes

Discover how users interact with your site and find out whether your designs are working!

Website UX Insights

Muneerly is a website UX insights service that allows you to see your website through your visitors’ eyes. You can record how visitors use your site, and get feedback to improve it.


The main feature of Muneerly is the recording of visitor sessions. Website owners choose and place a special tracking code on their website, which activates the Muneerly recorder. The recorder tracks all user activity on the website, including mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, form changes and more.


Muneerly recordings are grouped into sessions — each session records one visitor’s activity on the site. Sessions are organized into projects, which are associated with particular sites. Each session is assigned a unique ID that can be used for sharing and analyzing the session data.


Additionally, Muneerly allows users to create feedback forms that can be integrated into their websites. These forms allow visitors to leave feedback about their experiences on the site. This includes text comments as well as ratings of different aspects of the site experience (ease of use, visual appeal, etc.).

Screen Recordings

Have you ever wondered how your users experience your website? Do they have trouble finding what they are looking for? Are there bugs in the checkout process?


Our screen recording service is the answer! We’ll capture visitor recordings of your site and provide feedback on their experiences.

See how people use your site

Playback recordings

Analyze and improve results


Heatmaps are visual representations of visitor behavior on your website – they show you where visitors click the most, where they scroll to, and how far down they read.


It’s a great way to quickly see what’s working and what isn’t on your website.


Use heatmaps to improve your web design, copywriting and conversions by seeing things through your visitors’ eyes.




Form Analytics

Improve your website form processes by identifying what parts of your site are most confusing or frustrating to use. You can also get live visitor recordings, blog heat-maps, and screen captures to see exactly what your visitors saw when they used your site.


Muneerly tracks all interactions on your website, not just forms. This means that you can use it for more than just form analytics, but also as a live visitor recording tool. This will help you to understand how visitors navigate around your site and where they’re most likely to get stuck or give up, so you can improve the user experience and increase user retention.

Track form interactions

Measure drop-off

Improve conversions

Feedback Campaigns

Muneerly offers website feedback campaign service that helps you to see your website through the eyes of your visitors.


Our goal is to offer you the best possible overview and insights into all the feedback available about your site, without having to wade through countless anonymous comments across a variety of different sources.


We do this by gathering, consolidating and normalizing all of your data into one single place. This way you can easily make sense of what people are saying about your website, who they are and how they feel.

Gain customer feedback

Interactive surveys

Hear directly from your customers

Did You Know?

According to a study conducted by the Web Marketing Association in conjunction with Forrester Research, 88 percent of website visitors will not return to a website after a negative experience.

Muneerly is a website usability test that provides feedback on your website’s User Experience. The tool examines your website based on 7 criteria to help you improve the UX of your website.

Muneerly analyzes your website and tests the user experience from a visitor’s perspective. The tool identifies how many of your visitors are likely to convert into customers and how many may leave the site before browsing further. The tool also benchmarks your website against 3 other websites in the same industry.

Muneerly uses a machine learning algorithm to analyze websites and extracts data from millions of pages in order to identify trends in user behavior and find out what makes users stay on or leave a site. It then gives you an overall score, which helps you understand what areas need improvement on your sit provides a highly specialized and powerful package for your website after analyzing it free of charge. This package will create the most substantial increase in organic traffic or businesses that you have ever seen on your website.

Tracking Success

The goal of Muneerly is to help you get more traffic, leads and sales to your website.


And we want to start by helping you find out what needs fixing. Use our free tools to identify technical problems, content issues and even potential backlinks.