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Muneerly’s team will always help you achieve your goals and fulfill your business needs by providing you with reliable software solutions that work for you.

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Muneerly is a top-rated software development company that offers exceptional software solutions and helps businesses leverage their technical possibilities. Our values, vision, and mission are the essence of our strategy.


Muneerly’s team strives to create innovative products that combine technological expertise with human experience. We are experts in building high-end software solutions for various business domains, including healthcare, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing and many more. Muneerly’s engineers have all the skills necessary to provide your business with end-to-end IT solutions – from consulting and development to integration and support.


Muneerly’s team will always help you achieve your goals and fulfill your business needs by providing you with reliable software solutions that work for you.

Muneerly is a software development company with offices in Russia, Ukraine, and the United States. We specialize in developing custom software products for startups and innovative businesses. Our software development company based in San Francisco offers a wide range of services — from product strategy development to product support. Here’s what we do:

We are experts in building custom web, mobile and desktop applications for clients from all parts of the world. Our team can create a new product from scratch or add new features to an existing one. We work with companies from different industries such as FinTech, Media & Publishing, Healthcare & Fitness, and many others.

The Muneerly team has strong expertise in building mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. We design and develop native apps as well as cross-platform hybrid solutions using PhoneGap/Cordova tools. We can also build your application for wearable devices like Apple Watch or Google Glasses.

Our company has been building custom web solutions since 2013. In 5 years we have accumulated valuable experience in creating complex front-end systems with rich functionality that work seamlessly across all major browsers on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

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We only hire the most experienced Top 1% of Tech Talent so our expert Dedicated Teams can deliver technology solutions and value immediately.

Our Industry Expertise

Marketing & Advertising

Data-driven intelligence for Martech products and innovation.

Energy & Transportation

Advanced analytics and support services for competitive solutions.


Leading broadcasting connectivity with cutting-edge technology.

Retail & Ecommerce
Interactive and engaging software applications for the new era of retail.
Tech Leaders

Providing expert software engineers to meet the highest tech standards.


Smart automation for supply chain management systems.


Taking production, quality control, and security to new standards.

Public Services

Large-scale implementations that build the smart cities of tomorrow.

Healthcare Providers

Robust and reliable platforms to support medical services.

Fintech & Banking

Powerful applications that satisfy modern financial needs.


Custom enterprise software development services for large-scale projects.